Monday, 14 April 2014

Poinsettia Villa Aparment Rentals St. Lucia For independent Traveller -

Poinsettia Villa Apartments for rent in St. Lucia wins praise as top value in independent living holidays.

The Name villa-apartment coined by poinsettia describes the unique style of self catering for the discerning traveler who enjoys independence and privacy while having a spacious and comfortable living area from which to discover the simply beautiful island of Saint Lucia. As they say - Stay in comfort and holiday in style - See more at

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Barbados Holidays: Self Catering for the Independent Traveller

Self Catering holidays are often overlooked for what they really represent. They are the ideal vacation for the independent minded traveler - the family, single or couple who just don't want to be part of the crowd. Discerning travellers like to do their own thing at their own time. And that includes day tripping, mingling, discovering the people and culture and stopping at local fish markets and vendors to choose fresh fish and local provisions for dinner!

In this video you will explore the island - mingle with local and buy fish from Sarge at Six Mens bay fishing village. Later enjoy dinner on your own patio under the stars is a great way to end the day! See the story on YouTube.

Check out self catering option at

Saturday, 18 January 2014

One Bedroom Caribbean Villa Rentals - St. Lucia

Video on the Nook a unique one bedroom self catering apartment-villa at the ocean front resort: Poinsettia in Vigie, St. Lucia.

Stay in comfort and holiday is style at rates is their slogan - it means you don't have to blow your budget on luxury accommodation to stay in comfort and have funds to really explore the island, do lots of adventures and activities, eat in the best restuarants, even take a sail trip to another island or the Grenadines.

This is part of the Stlucialiving video campaign for - Video carry the story of the place the people and the experience. Each villa - apartment is featured in its visual and attractive setting. Another VisualTourismMarketing Campaign.

Monday, 16 December 2013

VBT Transforms Destination Sites to High Impact Travel Marketing

See detail on YouTube - Transform Bookings to Travel Planning & converts more bookers

Now any destination, tourism authority, hotel association and travel marketing organization can transform its bookings site into a high impact travel planning channel, where guest stay longer, do more and convert. The process is achieved using the new, giving guests immediate access to visual data in amatrix format that dances before their eyes and offers solution that are very personal at a click of a button.

VBT is now combined with a multi-media, muti-channel marketing program that includes Content marketing, videos, SEO and a target press campaign. This all drives massive trafic back to the new VBT travel planner which drives more bookings.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Marketing Hotels and Tourism with Your Publishing Cloud

See more detail on YouTube Video on Marketing Hotels & Tourism with you own Publishing Cloud

Latest Free Video by

This is a personal insight of Ian R Clayton; it introduces a brand new way of looking at how information can be formatted, re-proposed and published in the digital age. A major part of this strategy is how you can build and use your social media to reinforce your hotel and tourism marketing.

This is shared here for the first time on - a free services helping hotel and tourism companies as well as holiday destinations, understand and use the new digital media and the cloud.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Building your Social Network to Rank on Top in Tourism Marketing

How to Build Your Social Network to Create Top Ranking in Tourism

This is number 11 in the series on of case studies and Tutorial by Tourism Marketing Machines. This video starts a 4 part sub-series on social network for hotel and hospitality. It goes deep how to market travel brands with the new media publishing. The new motto is "publish and prosper", and the series leads you through the steps from building your network to looking at the multiple ways that information can be packaged, formatted, distributed and promoted.

For the complete series of tutorial, case studies and how to guides see and learn about why you must Publish to Prosper in Tourism Marketing

YouTube Details >>>

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Visual Technology for Tourism Gets Social Proof with 6 times more Engagement in Bookings

Its always been a big problem with online booking agents and central reservation systsems (CRS). On Average 95% of shoppers do not book. They lack engagement with booking and reservation systems which are the shopping cart in travel. Obviously there is room for improvement and VisualBookingsTechnology, the new boy on the block, is proving without any doubt that there is a better way.

In live installation VBT demonstrates that travelers engage more with the new visual interface to travel shopping. The travellers gets immediate response to clicks on options, with suitable properties displayed in a dynamic image matrix that echos sentiment is a stunning visual way. The shopping process is far more intuitive and personal.

Not only do travels stay on the site 600% longer, they also do more and click off to hotel website as 3 times the rate.

Check out the details as they unfold with this exciting new system for tourism destinations, hotel association, chain hotel and Central Booking Services: Click Here >>>