Thursday, 14 January 2021

Royal Caribbean Launches New Adventures From Barbados

/PRNewswire/ -- Royal Caribbean International will for the first time call Barbados \"home\" next winter, offering travelers fresh ways to experience the...

Thursday, 7 January 2021

SEO & Rankbrain - Technology in Transition - MARKHAT.COM

SEO & Rankbrain Techology in Transition. Social indexing is failing but content marketing and social media works. You have to do it right!

SEO & Rankbrain - Transforming Digital Media Marketing



The Pandemic has changed the way we work and conduct business in many ways. Analysis of Covid19 impact on markets show a 10% jump from the beginning of 2020. Right now around 50% of the world is active on social media. and digital media marketing proliferates. 

As electronic commerce takes center stage with social distancing and also lockdowns, it is also faced with huge transitions as modern technology changes everything. 


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Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Who,Why,What,How of Digital Media - MARKHAT.COM

The who, why, what and how of Digital Media - An easy to read book without the jargon and shows us how to excel in today\'s digital world.

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

The Clock is Ticking on Digital Media Promo⬇️

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Why You Should Care

1.Over 50% of the world is now active on Digital Media. - Adverting on Digital Media outranks all other formats. 

2. Online explodes as mobile devices proliferate and deliver enhanced virtual experiences - Travelers are turning to social media for vacation ideas. - Guests want explore and experience the property virtually prior to booking. Are you up to date with the fundamentals of Digital media. 


Is your Branding Optimized?

 Is your website message distinctive and uniquely brand centered. Is you brand message and visuals aligned with users expectation. Are you ranking to get found, get featured and get booked Digital Media and its Bonus membership will help you get it right and succeed in hotel tourism marketing and hospitality.



Saturday, 2 January 2021

My 2021 Digital Media Gift To Friends and Followers

In the spirit on new year I am gifting my latest book "Digital Media" to all friends and followers - This is an Amazon Kindle Free-Days offer. It will run from Jan 4 to 8. Get it at The book has helped many to navigate the new online and virtual reality. Online has surged with COVID lockup and everyone now sees its merit- This book “DIGITAL MEDIA” explains the big picture and show how all the parts work together.