Wednesday, 26 November 2014

BarbadosTravel Channel Post new Video - A Visit to Gun Hill Signal Station & Lion a Popular Barbados Holiday Attraction - YouTube The Lion, carved from a single coral stone in 1868 by soldiers at Gun Hill Signal Station is a testament...

Today Gun Hill Signal Station and the Coral Carved Lion are popular attractions for travelers on their Barbados holidays. but long before the lion was carved the station was a critical communications center warning all of Barbados of approaching ship. The signals were relayed from stations such as these all across the island marshaling troupes to the right local in case on an attack.

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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Villa Holidays - YouTube video of Heritage Package at Incredible Savings

This great villa holiday package is made available by Settlers beach Villa hotel in Barbados. Sellers in conjunction with TravelersInsights magazine is also giving away a free copy of the latest iisue of the magazine for the independent traveller (available at the link above). The magazine convers stories on the island history and the heritage tour.

See the video on YouTube villa holidays 

The heritage tour which is fully paid for by when you book the package covers; return taxi to St. Nicholas Abbey and all entrance fees and the full tour of the Abbey, mill, sugar and rum factory, the lovely film of early settlers lifestyles, free rum punch and tasting.

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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Settlers Beach Villa Hotel Launchs Exciting New Villa Holiday Package

Settler Beach Villa Hotel, launches an exciting new heritage package for independent travelers who enjoy the freedom and privacy of villa holidays. Offered in association with the Barbados Tourism Encyclopaedia and TravelersInsights magazine.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

European Space Agency Lands Robotic Explorer on Comet

The ESA today landed a robotic craft on a comet. The landing marks the success a 10 year mission of discovery as Rosetta Spacecraft and its lander, Philae, intercept and land on a comet 500 million Km from Earth.

World's First 3D-Bioprinted Organ to Be Transplanted in Early 2015

The first living organ, a transplant-ready thyroid gland created with the use of 3D-bioprinter, will be released next year, Russian scientists announced.

‘Kissing Bug’ Infected 300K Americans With Deadly Disease

In July, the CDC estimated that 300,000 people in the US had been infected; however by now it could be closer to 400,000.

US Scientists Spy on Human Minds with Brain Decoder

The idea of helping people who are not able to interact with the outside world is the reason why researchers are using high-end technology to decode the ‘inner voice’.