Thursday, 26 November 2015

HomeToGo Vacation Rentals Enters USA market - Tnooze

Metasearch for vacation rentals gains momentum as HomeToGo enters USA market with homes, villas and apartment for rent in holiday destinations.

Markhat offers a user perspective on what this means to travel and especially small hotel, villas and apartment rentals. ll things considered it a good sign for the alternative travel space. One wonders how long it will be "Alternative" with so many of the big OTAs now entering the vacation rentals space.

Monday, 23 November 2015

As Social Media Bites into Broadcast - MGM Lionsgate Respond

MGM Lionsgate Partner with Tubi TV ad-supported, free-streaming video service in response to declining views and revenue in broadcast media.

The story is that broadcast media is loosing its grip on the market. Viewers are looking elsewhere and advertising revenue is down. The major brands like MGM are looking at social media growth and seeing webinars, podcasts and video shows eating into their business.

If you cant beat them join them is the adage of today.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

So what does it mean that Google is Streaming Apps

Google Streams Apps so that information in them appear in search and can be browsed without having to download the app. Well this changes up the whole debate on apps vs browsing which we covered in

Now with a tap on a “Stream” button next to the HotelTonight app result, travellers will get an be able to stream a version of the app right on the browser - they dont need to download the app and get to easily find what they need.

In this case, it will allow the user to complete a hotel booking while streaming the app, similar to the way one would when in the app.

Will this  stop ads within apps? Will Google, be able to measure impressions.

A big concern for all is how will ads in apps fare and will aps no longer have an edge over vrowsing. That is: if all can bee seen on a browser and we know that users dont want to downlaod piles of app, will apps give way to more browsing?

Keep tunes as we learn more

Friday, 20 November 2015

Future trends and Disruption in Travel 2016 Forcasts

In this report Markhat summarized the predictions by PSFK as well as disruptive trends predicted by TravelMarketReport. Slideshare Travel Planning and Booking 2016 by PSFK.

See insights at:

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Mobile Web Beats Apps for Hotel Bookings - Tnooz - MARKHAT.COM

Millward Brown Study shows Mobile web beats apps for hotel bookings

 In a related article emarketing offers the latest stats on mobile travel: 51.8% of travelers who book trips online will do so using a mobile device.  also noteworthy is the decline in Booking via desktop PCs forcasted at $115.91 billionin 2015—a decline of 1.8% from 2014.

The decline of desktop bookings will continue through at least 2019, the end of eMarketer’s forecast period.”

Travel sales booked via mobile are $52.08 billion this year (November 2015) representing 31.0% of digital travel sales. Booking via mobile is expected to be 46.0% by 2019.

By comparison we know that
 the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia   ( the bulk of site visits are now from travelers using a mobile device.

 – See more at:

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Marketing 101
 for Sonic Branding Solutions | sonicbrands

Marketers, brands, music aficionados and artists who are using music and sound to build authenticity and increase brand engagement will do well to review what traditional marketers have to say about branding.

In this article on “How to Create an Authentic Brand Story that Actually Improves Trust”, Kissmetrics lays out a guide to doing just That ..

The articles cover several case studies and reviews the latest sonic branding ebook on Amazon

Monday, 9 November 2015

What will Priceline do Now that Expedia Bids for HomeAway

Thom Jordan, CEO of Ping Mobile, New York adds “Without HomeAway, Priceline is at a severe disadvantage against Expedia and Airbnb in the vacation property market.

Until the acquisition of HomeAway by Expedia is complete, I would not be surprised if Priceline makes a counter-offer in an attempt to outbid Expedia.” Expedia’s HomeAway Acquisition will severely disadvantage Priceline.

The gloves are off and its Priceline turn to counter punch.