Sunday 20 February 2011

dotMobi Leading Marketing to Travelonthego & Smartphonetravellers

Our previous blog announcing the launch of 4 phase mobile marketing with websites, directories, special deals and smartphone apps has been featured on the dotMobi website. The dotMobi page, quotes AXSES R&D and 'point of view' on the mobile marketplace. 

AXSES research is well documented in our hub pages at dotMobi is the only mobile address that is listed in the ICANN Zone Files which is distributed to 5000 search engines and mobile directories, thus making sure that .mobi address are published and included in the internet directories and resources.

mobile search ranks .mobi first
search from a non mobile devic
dotMobi addresses rank first on all top search engoines accessed by mobile devices.

In test done by dotMobi using the free downlaod mobile switch, dotMobi urls are listed first on Google, Yahoo and Bing search results. 

This is an important marketing advantage, as more and more smartphonetravellers are searching the net, rather download applications.

dotMobi provides a set  of standards for .mobi websites and tools to validate and improve site preformance. Building websites to the .mobi standards insure that the website wil be seen on the widest selection of mobile devices.

"The .mobi domain is given the top position in the mobile search results". 

AXSES gives users all of these advantages.

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