Tuesday 19 April 2011

AXSES FaceBook Booking app in New York Times Today

AXSES is in the New York Times Today.
"Axses Systems Caribbean, a company in Barbados, has helped about 30 small hotels and chains in Barbados and nearby make their reservations available on Facebook since early 2009. Ian Clayton, the chief executive of Axses, said he hoped that by offering reservations directly, while customers were excited by the property, his hotel clients would lose fewer bookings to online travel sites. "

Example:When you click on the Facebook icon on the home page of Rostrevor's website (left bottom corner)  On their WALL (left column), click RESERVATIONS.

The New York Times E-mail This

BUSINESS DAY   | April 19, 2011
Itineraries:  Hotels Turn to Social Media to Connect With Travelers
Hotels are using Facebook and Smartphone apps to take bookings directly from customers, rather than relying on travel Web sites.

video on YouTube http://youtu.be/BnC-XebZw78

This is a good time to explore the arcResBookings application for Facebook. We are offering several Facebook specials listed below. Many are with the first 90 days free with no obligation. Our SmartPhonetraveller  marketing and TravelOnTheGo.mobi web sites can also be integrated with FanPages

AXSES Facebook  application not only puts bookings right within reach of Facebook fans, it also loads and manages a hotel and tourism brand right into the FanPages. 

A description of the hotel tailored to Fans, Special rates for Fans, photo, room info and all seasonal rates are added with a click of a button. Any changes in arcRes (our publishing system) automatically update the facebook pages.

Letting your Fans get instant quotes is a great way to engage them. Try it at http://facebook.arcres.biz

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