Thursday 1 March 2012

Destination Marketing for Party Tourism is Tops with SocialIndexEngine, AXSES latest marketing initiative is climbing to the top of Search Results. Within days of launching this campaign we are on page 2 of G-Search results for the term Party Destinations and on Page 1 for searches for Caribbean or Barbados party destinations.

The site and its marketing is slanted toward the Caribbean and Barbados, yet our intention is to build this into a Destinations marketing initiative that will attract world travelers interested in party holidays. The site and marketing is exclusively for our clients. 

We are now moving into phase two with the production of new blogs and video targeting international party travelers for the exclusive benefit of our advertisers, sponsors and partners.
Our aim is to put (PDC) on page 1 of all generic search results for the appropriate terms.

The website and the marketing is built with our (SIE)
It is a full SIE compliant website which allows fast indexing and high search ranking, when coupled with the Social Indeing & Brand Marketing Campaign.

In this the 4th video we create a blog aimed at international travellers and have added strategic party places and links to the site. The Associated blogs and video feature international hotspots and clubs. It is one of the many strategic steps we take to get to the top of search (more on this tomorrow).

SocialIndexEngine (SEI) is changing the way we market.
Our success with this approach is remarkable! (more tomorrow).

Let me share with you how significant our SIE marketing is!

There are 137 million pages vying for top spot in this niche. The competing pages and websites belong to huge authority companies like FirstChoice, TripAdvisor, Huffington Post and many more. These companies hire the best marketers and understand the Internet very well. They work hard to get top position and to maintain it. It is an exception for a brand new site to make it to the top against these odds. You simple cannot do that with traditional marketing!
Our success is achieved with our revolutionary strategies and the technology we have built and employ in marketing travel.  

A large part of this is based on the product we call SocialIndexEngine

Please check out some of the options at The store contains just a sampling of the campaigns we conduct. It is a very custom job that requires extensive attention to detail, timing and technique.

We use proprietary systems and have invested significantly in this new marketing.
We are now offering personal marketing campaigns to a few select customers.

If you are interested in being on the TOP of your market, please contact iclayton 'at' for a personal appraisal. We cannot do this for all and are limiting this service to the top few who are ready to make a difference.

Act now to be part of this initiative - We are looking for 10 strategic clients to work with on several initiatives. Once we have our quota the invitation will be closed.


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