Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Future of Search & The Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph

The knowledge graph is what G is calling the future of search. It's a fundamental shift in the thinking of what people are looking for. Search engines have for some time focused on delivering one unique result for every single person. To do that requires knowledge of the person searching and this is part of what we at Axses called the Social Index, and what Google is now calling the Knowledge Graph.This could perhaps best be described as a Knowledge Network, because knowledge is derived from several categories of information that are interrelated.

It ,however, far more complex that that. G has figured out that one answer is actually not enough.  In their example they show a search for Leonardo da Vinci. Now instead of a long list of sites you get a row of images across the top depicting an understanding of this subject. His paintings are, for example, displayed across the top of the page in a single row left to right. 

Beneath  that you will find another row showing what other questions people ask, like who are the Renaissance painters.

This changes the way we must market.  We now have to influence this knowledge graph, or database of understanding, by providing not just a keyword or a name but a set of knowledge in a format, and with enough authority that it will get indexed. 

That knowledge must be available in the right places. Not 5,000 backlinks in some unheard of websites. In social indexing we aim to create deep knowledge and get it into authoritative sources in quality formats like video, magazines, represented by trusted sites, and known and respected media - authors, bloggers and information resources. Marketing is going to be conducted more by knowledge engineering. People will be able to access what they want in a very tailored and easily accessible way, at their finger tips. Traditional marketing is being superseded by the presence of knowledge networks. Some of the traditional methods will be embedded in the delivery of information along with the opportunity to buy.

knowledge graph. 

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