Tuesday 24 September 2013

Visual Bookings Technology's Astounding Success Is Changing Travel

See details on YouTube re Visual Booking Technology for Hotels and Tourism

It's a remarkable story:  A small tourism development company in the tiny island of Barbados, builds a better way to plan and book holidays and travel. Not ever planning to make a breakthrough, the developers just set out to make it better; make it more effective for travelers to see the products that suited them best.

They also wanted to make it better for hotels who were listed on their site at Barbados.org, the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia; making it easier for guests to find properties that really suited them, and easier to choose amongst options by offering visual cues and advise in an instant.

They wanted to make changes to the old ways and bring something new to the table. The result is Visual Bookings Technology which is an exciting new tool for travel planning and bookings.

Installed on the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia,  Central Reservations Systems (CRS), booking engines and property lists, the new system is an astounding success.

Guests are loving the instant visual results they see with each click of a button. They simply click on features and options and presto it's there in glowing colour, along with relevant information. They stay longer looking at options and do more, enjoying the immediate feedback and rapid fire display of every nuance.

The rate at which guests click through to the hotel's own website after seeing images, rates and getting quotes has gone through the roof.

Hotels are seeing 10 times more leads and some 100 times more. It's simply amazing says "Kathy-Lynn Ward" who heads the team and manages the development of new technology at AXSES, the company which owns the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia and has installed many great innovative solutions on that site.

Well done Kathy - we will take this to the world next!

See more and contact us at http://visualbookingstechnology.com |

Be ready for the revolution!!

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