Wednesday 3 September 2014

Why Article Marketing Fails

Duplicate Content Can Kill Your Marketing

7 Content Marketing Instructions Learned from Losing approximately 200.000 Visitors a Month.

In this blog Neil shares how he lost a huge amount of business from a campaign that went bad. He also describes why and shows us what not to do when publishing and sharing your content. In this instance it happened because he allowed others to post his articles which led to a duplicate content penalty.

Duplication is much misunderstood - Many big-time experts will tell you "you just need to be sure that you do not have duplicate-content on your own website."

 It is confusing as syndication, that all media websites do, is replicate material and that seems to be ok. A press release gets copies by 100s of media websites and that is OK also. They are wrong according to Neil, and he has the proof to show that permitting your content to be replicated could destroy your marketing efforts. Check out the article for more details on Neils site

In the post Neil describes that how media site were using his material exactly as he had written it and they were crediting him linked back to his blog. The link back was nice but it is not enough - What they ought to have done is make use of a Canonical Hyperlink - see this on Wikipedia ...


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