Friday 24 October 2014

Marketing Expert Ian R. Clayton Warns New in-Post Ads are Infringing Users Rights

Marketing Authority Ian R. Clayton rants on how intrusive ads that now appear within Facebook posts are destroying social media. Invaliding a personal expression at the least and being deceptive and probably illegal in fact. He tackles the idea of being anonymous in what is becoming the anti-social age. Here is the transcrip of the video: Ian: Hello! It’s Ian here and I've got to say I'm on a bit of a rant because I'm pretty annoyed with the way that Facebook and the whole social media is turning out to be what I call very anti-social. Now, we’re all going out giving them all our information and making posts and making comments, but do we give them the right to advertise to major clients and major companies in our posts, right in our post? Like here, for example, I wrote this post about something to do with the way that becoming a dominant player in the OTA marketplace. I'm not endorsing them, but this thing here underneath my post is an advertisement. It looks like I'm endorsing them. It looks like I'm actually getting the advertising funds and I'm not. It’s going directly to Facebook. I don’t mind them making money, it’s the not problem. But if I'm doing something for, surely they should know that the business is coming from me and I don’t think Facebook will do that. I'm totally anonymous, so I'm calling this whole concept here being “Anonymous in the social age”. I think it should be called, be anonymous in the anti-social age because this is a very anti-social tactic and that we should be more concerned about how we let people do stuff even though they're giving us free access to a lot of things. That’s great, but is it in their interest, our interest, in the community’s interest to be deceptive about it? This is really deceptive, and these are the questions, “Does Facebook has the right to use anyone’s content in this way? Are we really anonymous in what I call the social age or anti-social age? And just how social is social media anyway?” Prince Ea: The average person spends four years of his life looking down at his cellphone. Kind of ironic ain’t it, how these touch screens can make us lose touch. But it’s no wonder in a world filled with iMacs, iPads and iPhones, so many "Is", so many selfies, not enough "us" and "we". See, technology has made us more selfish and separate than ever, because while it claims to connect us, connection has gotten not better. Ian R. Clayton: Well, there you have it from Prince Ea himself. It’s on target. He’s got a great way of delivering his story and big musician that comes easy, great stuff, watch it, enjoy it. I’ve also put in one of my original videos about the future of social media. The articles in there are a little chopped. I’ve summarized some of the words of wisdom from some of the leading people in the industry. So take a look at that and leave your comments. I love to hear from you. To get more information in the article, the videos, and the press release, go to, all one word. You can also put that as in between if you want, but one word will get you there and it’s a lot easy to use. So thanks for following and bye for now.

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