Friday 26 December 2014

Case Study Marketing with Teaser Videos and your Social Index Engine

How to Use Teaser videos to promote your business. This tourism case study shows how to stage videos, press releases, webpage and rich content with a network of social sites
SocialIndexEngine Case study on Using Teaser Videos/

Here is an Example of a Teaser Video.

Marketing Tourism With Horse Whispers Teaser Video

The case study covers 8 areas: The Videos. In this SIE explains how to layer teaser videos and create niche specific presentations. The videos are coupled to main landing pages. They are syndicated via Press Releases and distributed through social networks and content marketing. The study shows how that is integrated with rich content magazines and photo slide shows. get Full details - See the SIE Case Study >>>

In the next series SIE will analyze the results and conversion of the sales funnel. Sales funnels are not well used in tourism and this explanation promises to be very revealing!.

NOTE - the video is an example of a teaser video used by The Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia. The explanation and details concerning PR strategies, the anouncement networks, how to layer videos and content will be covered in a future Explainer Video about the this case of video marketing.

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