Friday 5 December 2014

Settler Barbados Villas 55% Discount: Best Value Guaranteed

See this and other related YouTube video on villa holidays and best deals for the independent minded travellers.

This Fun graphics video was created with Explandio animation. Simple and direct it present the serious message of value and differentiation and demonstrates real value compared to the alternatives. On the rates page of settlers beach it is the second video about value, the first is more generic on the features of the accommodation and Settlers Beach Villa Holidays. see

Note especially how this video goes an extra step in comparing the accommodation offer to all other similar resorts in the island. Too often hotels explain their amenities and benefits but miss out on the most important sales triggers like comparison, community, scarcity and the 15 known reasons why people buy. In this case travelers often go looking at other prices and properties to compare options and value. This video delivers an up to date comparison taken from the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia website.

Other videos in the Barbados Independent Traveller Holiday options seriies see

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