Thursday, 29 January 2015

ScribD Offers Coupon on Beach Villa Holidays

TravelersInsights magazine on the ScribD offers the latest tips for independent travelers and a coupon on luxury beach villa holiday Ian R Clayton CEO of Traveles Insights magazine says "We are pleased to have this issue in the ScribD network, as their readers represent a lot on independent minded travelers, who will really appreciate this issue of TI." He adds "ScribD readers have logged 17 million hours of reading time and its network is growing daily. It has over 80 million readers from 100 countries with a library of more than 100,000 subscriptions and books from 900+ publishers." It is a leader in independent online subscriptions covering 60 million documents from court filings to business presentations and from academic papers from scholars around the world to travel magazine of every destination. (TI) magazine features articles, personal stories and insights on people and culture in the worlds leading world heritage destination. This TI issue for independent travelers, looks at self catering luxury accommodation and features Settlers beach hotel. Settlers offer all TI reader a significant discount. Just grab the mag on ScribD to get the full details and save hundreds of dollars on a luxury villa vacation.

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