Saturday, 21 November 2015

So what does it mean that Google is Streaming Apps

Google Streams Apps so that information in them appear in search and can be browsed without having to download the app. Well this changes up the whole debate on apps vs browsing which we covered in

Now with a tap on a “Stream” button next to the HotelTonight app result, travellers will get an be able to stream a version of the app right on the browser - they dont need to download the app and get to easily find what they need.

In this case, it will allow the user to complete a hotel booking while streaming the app, similar to the way one would when in the app.

Will this  stop ads within apps? Will Google, be able to measure impressions.

A big concern for all is how will ads in apps fare and will aps no longer have an edge over vrowsing. That is: if all can bee seen on a browser and we know that users dont want to downlaod piles of app, will apps give way to more browsing?

Keep tunes as we learn more

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