Friday 15 January 2016

All you need to know about Instant Bookings on Tripadivisor for Hotels.

What it is

In essence Tripadvisor is now Replacing Cost Per Clink (advertsing with Cost Per Action.

The standard metasearch model is where OTAs and Suppliers bid via a cost-per-click (CPC)  for each click that a user makes on their link. By comparison in instant booking, you pay TripAdvisor a commission on completed transactions after te guests stays at the hotel.

Who is it for:

Tripadivsors Instant Booking is not a new channel; hotel already on OTAs tat are bidding on TA will already see their hotel on the channel. 

The interesting fact is that if a hotel is bidding using the Tripconnect Instant booking platform, they may want to ask their OTAs not to bid on instant booking!

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