Tuesday 12 October 2010

Dominica the Caribbeans nature island - naturally romantic -

Dominica is Colour, the sea with many shades of monochrome blues and gray create a painters landscape that is totally unique. The landscape is pink, red, yellow, blue and white on a carpet of green and brown. The town is painted in bright greens, reds and blues; Strong colors that insist you notice, but they are never gaudy, and sit in perfect balance. Even the wildly coloured fishing boats are in harmony siting on their canvass of gray and silver sand , the green-blue, gray-white sea and sky. There is something extraordinary about the way the colours blend. The boasts on the beaches and anchored in the shallow waters, are painted with personality, each individual, yet complementary. They say much about the style of the place and its people. The entire Island seems at times to be symphony of colour in perfect harmony.
There are many places with bright and vibrant colors, but often they fight and clash each other. But it is not so in Dominica. Do they all use the same artist I wondered. Have they been to the same school of art, is art and painting taught like this in all schools. Perhaps there is just one artist doing all this work. Then who is his or her teacher. I decided to accept that mother nature is the teacher and the divine artist here. In the "nature Island" everyone is an artist working with the same pallet, fitting in rather than standing out.
Fitting in rather than standing out. It is a phrase that suites the Dominica temperament. Although they are independent and different, the sense of a community is not left behind.

It was what I noticed at the Carib village and from articles written about Dominica and its people. They may not have always been this way, but perhaps centuries of battles have made them weary of strife and they have always had a great respect for nature. They are people of nature and nature just IS as people sometimes just ARE; content with being close to the earth and one with all. Being is a possess of observing, going with the flow, accepting and fitting in rather than standing out. Dominicas fit in, with styles.

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