Thursday 24 March 2011

Kalinago of Dominica- Migration. War and Warner

Following on from the first article on the Kalinago People of Dominica we have added a new issue to explore this fascinating people further. The story of Carib Warner and the people of his time is a fascinating drama.

A 13 year boy the son of a lord and Kalinago Dominica woman, leaves his home in St.  Kitts and returns to Dominica on his fathers death. There he adapts well to his mothers people and becomes their chief. Later as Governor he negotiates a treaty with Kalinago and British. He is murder by his half brother, son of the same farther. 

Its a compelling story within many stories. The Lord Thomas Warner and his Kalinago Mother appear to be outstanding people living in an extraordinary time. Both of them are strong characters dealing with their own story.  It is a Caribbean story of the people who are the ancestors of many who live here now. It is also the story of early colorization, of abuse, greed, power and in some cases great tenderness.

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