Wednesday 18 March 2015

Google Gets More Hotel Friendly!

Uploaded this video to YouTube. It demonstrates what we covered before on our blog. Namely how Finder 2015 is better for hotels, what it means and how you can participate. It also looks at SEO, shows how some properties are bucking the trend and how you can too. Also important to watch is the last section where we review actual cost of click advertising and how that compares to good SEO and organic search listing.

The latest version of Google's hotel finder has a few changes that can help small hotel. First it now links directly to hotels that it lists. OTA room rates for the property are still prominent for most properties, but overall the changes are a step in the right direction for local hotels who has seen their listing fall off Google in the last few years. To find out why and learn what you need to do, check out the blog at:

See the icontact notice on hotel finder

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