Monday 15 June 2009

Google Crossroads

Google at a Crossroads with Wave Technology

We stared writing these blogs on technology as a journey into the crossroads of marketing and communications. For some time, we have seen that the world is at a breakthrough point in transformation. Technology and its application are leaping forward almost at the speed of thought. We wrote about the crossroads for search, advertising, marketing, destination marketing, travel distribution and the Internet.

In our blog newweb, we noted that there was a critical mass of technology and, more importantly a critical mass of knowledge about technology and how to build on it. It’s the critical mass of knowledge that is exciting. Knowledge is what will drive the success of Google Wave. It is interesting to see that Google recognises this. By demonstrating Google Wave to application developers and inviting them to be creative, Google is hoping to accelerate the evolution of Google Wave technology.

Many believe Google Wave (and the Wave Protocol), already indicates the end of the email era wave2replaceemail. But is it more! Have we finally reached the point where the entire premise of the computer business, the operating systems, is at a crossroads? Well, Goggle would like to think so and Microsoft would prefer not to.

What is certain is that the Internet is becoming a full platform for computing in a way that the PC was. The next step forward is collaborative working and networking computers. The possibilities can hardly be imagined. Google Wave is an advanced set of protocols, robot web services and applications for networking. But its success as a platform will depend on the applications and our knowledge of how to use it effectively.

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