Friday 17 September 2010

Facebook Direct Bookings for Hotels & Tourism

A new Release of for Facebook with a new Video showing  just how easy it is to get your arcRes content, rooms, rates, images and property info onto your Facebook pages. Special rates and coupons can be offered to Facebook fans special content and welcome message may be customised for Facebook. Works for Hotels, villas and all accommodation as well as car rentals and tourism operators.

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Sunday 12 September 2010

Apple hears the market and opens iphone a flash

We all take some credit for the latest move by Apple to open its iPhone platform just a Flash.
Our first HubPage article on Smartphones was Jobs not done well which took issue with the lack of Flash on iPhones and Apples closed approach.  Android took full advantage of the situation  as its sales soared and the DroidX became called the new iPhone SmartPhone Shootout.
The news was full of advise and criticism for Apple. Apple has heard the message and moved. 

The lepord can change its spots see

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