Friday 29 October 2010

Just launched - Romantic Holiday Destinations

Romance is a huge part of the travel market and has become a word that in many ways is synonymous with travel. Extending far beyond its original meaning,  romantic holidays means something about the place, the experience and the ambiance. 

Paris is Romance because its aura is Romance:  The landscapes, the Champs Elysees, the French Chateau, the Louvre, they even sound romantic. 

So to is the Kasbah in Tangiers, a romantic place. The sounds evokes  the odor of ripe dates, olives in the market, palm trees in Hotel El Minzah courtyard, rich dark roast Arabian coffee, mint tea and the sea breeze fresh off the ocean. It is steeped in history and mystery, a romantic mystery conjuring up images of the exotic and the unknown. 

Romance is all of this:  Adventure, mystery, luxury, exotic, wild, peaceful, tempting, dangerous, exciting, a hideaway and an escape. Romance is a state of mind and an expectation. Romantic holiday are now family affairs. Holidays to romantic places are as appealing to families, singles, groups, and business as they are to couples and honeymooners..

As holiday makers strive to live the experience,  to seek mystery, the exotic and the place, we as marketers are re-defined our tourism product.

And so it was, that with our launch of  Adventure Travel Destinations a few weeks ago we took note of the growing interest in Romantic Holiday Adventures and launched Its aim is to provide travelers with information and special deals from  the most romantic places on earth, giving them the motivation to visit.

We are offering hotel and tourism operators the opportunity to tell their stories and add their products to these pages as advertisement and real time real time bookable specials.

The content is largely build by hotels & tourism companies who use arcRes publishing systems. In these days of hard times everyone is looking for deal and arcRes Specials Marketing is the idea vehicle with which to promote a hotel brand. 

We are offering a Free trial of arcRes Specials publishing & marketing to the tourism industry. Once a brand product or promotion is entered into arcRes, it  can be published to numerous channel, such as Facebook, and to devices like iPhones. 

A single subscription to arcRes Special Publishing and Marketing will automatically publish hotel brands to many travel sites including:

  • Google Shopping
  • Craigslist
  • CaribbeanVacationSpecial, BrabadosVacationSpecials, Stlucia, Dominica etc
  • Adventure-Travel-Holidays(i)
  • Romantic-Holiday-Destinations(ii)
  • iPhone and Smartphones Travel Shopping Applications
  • arcAds distribution & publishing network (ezine and web2.0 properties were we place tourism advertisements)
  • AXSES Affiliate network of lined sites like RealHolidays, CaribbeanHopping, TravelAgentRes and others where advertisers may be featured on a random bases.
  • 100's of independent travel sites using arcRes syndicated news and RSS Feeds

We Look forward to bringing romance to your business! 
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Sunday 24 October 2010

New Videos: How to Add Bookings to Facebook

With 500 million subscribers and a growing population of travelers using Facebook to share holiday information, travel plans and to check out reviews and share experiences, Facebook has become a power house for hotels and tourism. Now with the Integration with Bing - Facebook is about to power your search results in  away never done before. Our HubPage article explains some of the trends to note and contains videos on: A live demo of a Facebook bookings app, and how to setup arcResBookings on your facebook page.

The HubPage article covers several topics on Facebook and its future with Bing, Mobile Phones search and travel as it relates to tourism suppliers and hotel owners see

For a Free Trial of  ArcResBookings see

Adventure Travel Destination Marketing Launched

AXSES officially launched its new Adventure Travel Destinations Marketing Portal In a departure from our normal destination specific marketing such as, the new site includes multiple destination all of which offer special and deals for adventure holidays.

We see holiday and vacations as a form of adventure, even if you just go for sightseeing, you are traveling, going to new places or getaway to places you have been to before, to do something different, to meet new people and explore. There are adventure trips for family adventure holidays, romantic adventure vacations for couples, adventure getaways for singles, learning, culture, educational and gourmet adventures for wine tasting, great dining and every holiday escape.

The Adventure Travel Destinations' Affiliate page allows destinations, hotels and tourism operators to join in advertising their adventure holidays and to add special deals and promotions for travelers. Their is a video that describes the marketing benefits and a sign up link for hotels & tourism suppliers to:

Register Adventure Specials for a FREE 90 day Trial

Cost range from only $20US monthly for a special Ad on the entire network which include Smartphones (must have a Smartphone friendly website) and other optional features such as adding specials and booking options directly onto hotel Facebook pages.

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