Monday 20 March 2017

Marketing Hotels Tourism Book & Bonuses

WEBSITE is the first book in my 3 book series "Marketing Hotels and Tourism Online". In this I cover the latest tool and strategies for hotel websites. It includes tools and strategies to capture, engage and convert travel shoppers.

A few examples are: 
  • The importance of getting your message right, how to differentiate your hotel from the crowd 
  • Understanding the neuroscience behind buyer motives and sales psychology. 
  • How to create hot-buttons that inspire travelers and get their attention. 

The next book Digital Media will look at what strategies and messaging is essential for your marketing on the internet.

The final book in the series is Technology which will cover automation, bookings and tools of the trade.

See the book WEBSITE  - - This website is about the book and the bonuses.

The Bonuses include many detailed reports that expand on the concepts in the book and will help you get he most out of the book.

WEBSITE is available in Kindle and Paperback