Thursday 21 May 2015

New Booking System by Amedeus and IHB in the Clouds

The next-generation GRS from Amedeus and IHB evolves IHB systems that will connect to hotels via a news interface. According to their report it is said to be a first of its kind, and provide significant value to guest and owners.

 Richard Solomons, Chief Executive Officer of IHG commented when announcing the partnership: “The next-generation guest reservation system we will create with Amadeus will deliver a powerful global platform for hotels to manage guest interaction, will be intuitive for hotel teams, and will help us accelerate our work to revolutionize and personalize the guest experience through technology.”

 Luis Maroto, President & Chief Executive Officer of Amadeus added: “Travellers today expect a great experience wherever they are and technology can play a key role in delivering that. IHG has exciting ambitions for its hotels and guests and Amadeus is proud that our innovative technology will play a key role in delivering them. The new systems will provide a huge leap forward in the flexibility and functionality available to hoteliers.”

 The new platform is not a moment to soon as the old architecture for these bookings is way out of date. Many companies, like AXSES with its Visual Bookings Technology, have long since left the standard out-dated approach and are pioneering new visual travel planning system.

These new approaches are already proving to engage and convert more travellers. IHB and Amedeus can learn from whats happening with visual communication in services like Pinterest and behavioural responsive system already adapting to todays travellers needs.

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