Thursday 26 November 2015

HomeToGo Vacation Rentals Enters USA market - Tnooze

Metasearch for vacation rentals gains momentum as HomeToGo enters USA market with homes, villas and apartment for rent in holiday destinations.

Markhat offers a user perspective on what this means to travel and especially small hotel, villas and apartment rentals. ll things considered it a good sign for the alternative travel space. One wonders how long it will be "Alternative" with so many of the big OTAs now entering the vacation rentals space.

Monday 23 November 2015

As Social Media Bites into Broadcast - MGM Lionsgate Respond

MGM Lionsgate Partner with Tubi TV ad-supported, free-streaming video service in response to declining views and revenue in broadcast media.

The story is that broadcast media is loosing its grip on the market. Viewers are looking elsewhere and advertising revenue is down. The major brands like MGM are looking at social media growth and seeing webinars, podcasts and video shows eating into their business.

If you cant beat them join them is the adage of today.