Tuesday, 22 September 2015

PoinsettiaApartments Launches St. Lucia Villa Website - PRESS Newswire.net

Poinsettia the premier Caribbean Villa Apartment Resort, Castries, St. Lucia, has launched its new boutique Brand Website for Independent Travellers.


The new Poinsettia Villa Apartments St. Lucia Website at http://PoinsettisApartments.com - developed by AXSES all Cast Power Marketing takes tourism websites to a new level. Including design and strategies on the new Powerconsultants.axses.net network lead by Diego Rodriguez founder of the worlds largest network of independent marketing consultant.

The new website departs from traditional travel sites that are digital version of hotel and villa brochure, in several respects.

1. In the discovery process we established the target market and build the messaging strategy This is included in the lead video on the home page and echoed in the 3 Hot Buttons below the video. These activators are about benefits, problems and competition. Three essential issue that travelers have to know.

2. Technology - as an example the FAQ section is an interactive response to user concerns on all aspects of st. Lucia Holidays

3. The site offers detailed information on Saint Lucia Holidays, as to Location how to get there and things to do etc.

4. Unlike any other private hotel, villa, apartment or resort website there is also a directory of other properties in the island. As they say " We cant be everything to everyone and we just want to help travelers make the right choices.

5. The new villas page http://poinsettiavillas.com/st-lucia-villas/ compares alternative self catering villa resorts as well as other selfcatering accommodation, both at the budget and the luxury offering in the island.

6. Why Not Us. Recognizing that the resort is not for everyone we take some time to explain why this might not be suitable for certain travellers. This is in the page linked above.

Modern travellers expect value on their vacations and Poinsettia exceeds expectations always. Fresh fruit from the resort gardens are shared with guest, when in season. Management is ready to help with guest vacation planning, and offer suggestions for trips, dining and cars rentals etc. This is especially true of the millennial travelers who are by nature frugal and have a do it yourself attitude wanting to be more independent on holiday.

The Poinsettia ocean view villa resort accommodations are geared to the independent travel who is attracted to the understated, casual, private 7 spacious villas set in the natural garden on a hilltop by the sea.

With only 7 villas the resorts is very private and their are no crowds and groups to contend with. Also

see the Press Release http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00090447-stluciavillaresort.html

Poinsettia Ocean View Villa Apartments,
Belizaire Road, Castries, Saint Lucia
+1 (758) 456-0469 info (at) poinsettiapartments.com
http://PoinsettisVillas.com | previously http://PoinsettisApartments.com

Website Created by AXSES All Cast Power Marketing Using the best digital technology to find and engage travelers

Sunday, 20 September 2015

How Adhoc Messaging & Fragmented Marketing Kills Brands - BLOGGER

80% of business owners make the mistake of letting too many people create content. This fragmented marketing is the death of the message and the brand.

Today, more that ever, brands need cohesive and coordinated messages across all media. But too often business owners let printers and other suppliers create the content on a flyer or an advertisement. Strange as it seems this happens a lot of the time and small business owners particularly reach out to their suppliers for this help. But messaging is fundamental to the brand and today message must be carefully crafted to get attention.

The message psychology requires knowledge of neurological science which top marketers understand and most general business supplies do not. So when the are too many cooks in the kitchen using the wrong tools and ingredients the soup and the message is spoiled.

Check this blog to see more on how to avoid messed up message and instead build a solid and coordinated messaging strategy.

The blog also offer several free marketing resources and private power consultants membership to help business owners master the art of the message and create successful marketing campaigns. http://markhat.com/how-fragmented-marketing-is-killing-business