Tuesday 27 July 2010


June 2010. AXSES SCI, Bridgetown Barbados, launches a unique travel shopping application for mobile market and smart phones.

This application combines arcRes Specials Marketing of http://BookingsCaribbean.com and the themes and moods describing each island from http://CaribbeanHopping.com.
It is currently number 1 on AndroLib Marketplace for a search of Travel Shopping .

AXSES Caribbean Travel Shopping is a FREE app. that can be downloaded to the mobile and used to find hotels and activities offering special deals and book them on the phone.
Caribbean Travel Shopping - Android 

For more info on this app see AXSES site http://SmartPhonetraveller.com and more about how the application can be used by Hotels and Tourism operators http://SmartPhonetravellapps.com

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How to get your Hotel on smartphones hubPage 

Dominica Tourism Authority gets AXSES Arcres Travel Platform

The Dominica Tourism Authority (Discover Dominica Authority, DDA) selects the AXSES Travel Platform for the tourism industry in Dominica.

Colin Piper, CEO/Director of the Discover Dominica Authority, says, “We selected AXSES because its people have a deep understanding of the travel marketplace and the right suite of products and resources to help our travel marketing.”

The AXSES Travel Marketing and Bookings Platform is a unique marketing and bookings solution for destinations, hotels, tourism operators and car rental companies. It offers the full spectrum of advertising management, bookings, interactive branding and systems for direct marketing. It is ideal for destinations, as it plays by destination rules and promotes the destination product with direct to hotel and tourism owner sales and bookings.

AXSES, know for putting Barbados.org on the net, and owners of http://Barbados.org, is also a world leader in travel software. A team of Barbados programmers are now at work building what they call the next generation travel shopping platform. Many of AXSES' products are first of a kind. Its Facebook application, which allows Facebook Fans to get quotes and book direct from Facebook, published a year ago, is an example of AXSES leading edge innovative and adaptive thinking that caught the attention of Dominica.

AXSES has completed the first stage of the project which is to build the new e-commerce Dominica Marketing portal which is the Dominica Central Reservations Center http://Bookingsdominica.com. The sites have been Search Engine-Optimised (SEO) with dozens of 1st-page positions on strategic keywords.

A Dominica travelogue was completed as part of this project and it is being marketed with print and online Dominica magazine publications: TravelersInsights.com. TravelersInsights is a cloud publishing service for destinations developed by AXSES and part of the AXSES arcRes Travel Platform. The articles are being distributed to over 300 online ezines and are available on magazine and document services, like Slideshare, ArticlesBase, as well as TravelerInsights and BookingsDominica

The DDA and AXSES are jointly marketing the Dominica Reservations Center, which is being cross linked and marketed with http://dominica.dm the official website of the Dominica Tourism Authority.

AXSES is now installing booking engines on Dominica hotel websites using the arcRes bookings widgets http://BookingsWidgets.com.

As part of the project to create the Dominica Travel Platform, AXSES staged a 3-day seminar to the entire Tourism industry. The seminar was attended by over 50 tourism partners and enthusiastically supported.

AXSES key personnel Kathy-Lynn Ward and Kris Gooding delivered keynote addresses on web design, use of technology, branding & marketing in the interactive age. The seminar included interactive examples of AXSES Next Generation Shopping Platform, which is being installed as the Travel Platform for Dominica.

For more info on the AXSES Travel marketing platform, see http://TravelBookingsPlatform.com
Built on the arcRes e-commerce suites the travel platform combined advertising management with e-commerce marketing and publishing. arcRes Bookings-Expert the booking engine for hotel and tourism operator websites, allows hotels and activities, tours, car rental cos and tourism suppliers to advertise and publish their product and brand to smartphones (http://SmartphoneTraveller.com), Google Shopping, social media and hundreds of affiliated travel marketing sites.

Jobs not done well

JOBS not done well.

its interesting times with Apples latest iPhone 4 hitting a communications snag and Apple, the consumer favorite, saying "you have to buy the patch". Well Steve had to back down and weeks later made it Free. Suddenly is seems that the iPhone is not the darling of the consumer. Google android phone shipping at 1000 per day are outpacing Apple. A quiet backlash is taking place and for good reason read more at http://hubpages.com/t/16fdbb

smartphonetravelapps.comFor latest on smartphone apps for the travel mobile market see http://smartphonetravelapps.com

Interesting times ahead with Apple saying its our way or the highway and more and more taking the highway. By many account Android is outpreforming iPhone. Interesting for travel when both Apple and Google declair a travel focus.

Hotels, travel Agents, tourism operators and destinations await the outcomes.

We will keep you posted on the site linked above.