Friday, 6 November 2015

Multi-Channel and AllCast Marketing Now

Touchpoints in TravelShopping There are many touch points in travel shopping and for holiday panning and according to this article by Margaret Mastrogiacomo, Director, Creative Strategy at HeBS Digital, the steps in #travelshopping and planning are often haphazard and in no particular order.

eMarketer research shows that online shoppers go through 15.5 touch points in the 17 days prior booking. Google research also shows us that 90% of shoppers move from one device to another and 65% starting on their smartphones.

The report covers everything for touchpoint to devices used. It covers strategies in messaging across platforms, digital applications, scarcity and other motivators using in today sales funnels. It also looks at rate parity, SEO and social See more on allCast marketing Below.

New Study Confirms Airbnb’s Negative Impact on Hotel Industry

2,800 jobs were lost to Airbnb and it reduced revenues in the lodging industry by $2.1 billion in New York City. HVS study says, Airbnb has costs the local, state and federal governments more than $226 million annually in lost tax revenues.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

The Visual Information Revolution will Dwarf the Internet | Blogger

In this blog, Ambarish, cofounder and CEO of Blippar, gives us a birds eye view of the future in information systems, which he says will dwarf the impact of the internet: "Every day I see something I want to know more about, something I can experience at a deeper level, and share with my friends and…

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

What it Means for the City & the House Sharing Economy After AirBnB Wins in San Francisco - TravelWatchNews

In very public fight against the City's right to restrict home rentals in the sharing economy, Airbnb Wins Over San Francisco and proposition F is voted down. In this KQED Newsroom Dale Carlson, from ShareBetter SF, a backer of the initiative, and No on F campaign manager Patrick Hannan debate the measure and look at what could have been and what might be now!

More detail and videos exploring this landmark decision see:

Monday, 2 November 2015

Hotels Must Move to Compete with OTAS by Taking Care of Business - Google Says

To compete with OTAS Hotel Must Build Brand Trust -  Markhat.

Ruairidh Roberts, industry head at Google Search, says “Travel brands need to do more to elicit an emotional response from consumers and be more memorable”

This in the opening statements of his talk to delegates at an Accord half day conference hosted by Google. He added that “regular reach with consumers was vital, but seldom happens in travel.”

Hotels he says "need to SEE the value of building their brands." or they will be left behind as the OTAs dominate travel in all phases of travelshopping!

He outlines 4 key points of the Google Strategy - These are the phase of travel shopping they are - SEE- Do - Think- Care See detials at: