Wednesday, 24 November 2010

10 reasons to book Adventure Holiday Specials Direct from Destinations Suppliers

Our new Adventure Travel Destinations site is tracking on the search engine for searches like "adventure holiday specials and deals". The focus of the site is marketing adventure travel for direct bookings at hotels and tourism companies. Making adventure travel more affordable by buying direct from hotel owners and tourism operators just makes sense.

Hotels and Local Tour companies are the Adventure Suppliers. Adventure travelers often do not understand that it is the Hotel and not the Online Travel Agent (OTA), like Expedia, that provides the product. 

Many travelers feel that the OTA is the travel supplier and have come to think that OTAs offer the best prices for all holidays and travel adventures. We have seen travelers check out rates on a hotel website and book with an OTA, because the price was better at the OTA.

The AXSES initiative is an attempt to change this. We have also added options for hotels to mange rates and offer Best Available rates to all travelers who book holidays direct.

There is no reason why travelers should think the best deals are via OTAs. Here are the reasons to book adventure holidays direct. It's not all about best holiday specials and deals, but best rates and specials has become a necessity.

1. Best rates are often guaranteed for booking direct with the hotel owner or tourism operator
2. You are dealing with local a Hotel and tourism owner who has special knowledge of the adventure holiday package and all of its holiday options
3. You get real, expert, local advice on the package and the destination
4. It's generally easy to ungrade and, often, owners may upgrade you when dealing direct.
5. It's easier to change dates and option, or even cancel.
6. Local hotel owners often has special arrangements for local activities and offer holiday discounts on local tours and adventure activities
7. Local owners want you to be completely satisfied with your adventure holiday experience. We know of local hotel managers who have paid for a couple who were getting married to go somewhere else, as the OTA had not understood exactly what they wanted. They were sent to a jungle hut, when they wanted a Caribbean beach.
8. You get special attention and special privileges when booking your adventure holiday direct with the hotel & tourism operator. 
9. Local owners often have insights and connections that can make  your holiday. For example, a trip with a local  fisherman is seldom arranged by an OTA, but can be organised with a Local Hotel Manager. A night on beach with Leo, the stargazer in  Barbados, sipping wine and eating beach-fired roasted breadfruit, is a romantic adventure and learning experience that is never organised by an OTA. 

Local knowledge can make an ordinary holiday a real adventure and learning holiday.

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Dominica Carib People - The Kalinago

A Fascinating Culture much aligned by folklore. This article is a personal account of my visit, meeting, discussion and research. Its a part of the Dominica Article Ranking ,Video Blogging &; Destination Marketing for Dominica.  For more on Dominica see &

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