Saturday, 5 September 2015

Key Psychological Triggers That Get More Sales - SocialTriggers

Driving travelshoppers to Book is an Art & Science. SocialTriggers looks at the psychology behind the key Psychological Triggers that Get More Sales.

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

How to Re-Brand and Not Loose Your Search Rank

In the digital age your footprint as they say is Ubiquitous! That means all your effort before you change the name is everywhere on the net, if you have done anything at all your press releases and blogs and video will be indexed linking back to your old brand.  Re-Branding in the Digital Age looks at how to change a brand name while preserving your search engine rank and  SEO. It ca be a nightmare if not done right!

Monday, 31 August 2015

Online Travel Sites Battle For Share But account for only 16% of USA market- - MARKHAT.COM

While OTAs Account for Only 16% of USA Travel Market, they are in a fierce battle for domination with Expedia and Priceline taking 74% of the US Online Travel market.

Implication on How TripAdvisor is Changing Travel & Advertising

Not only has TripAdvisor Changed Vacation Planning it has started a move that might just replace a lot of super hyped advertising and certainly influence the future of hotel and tourism advertising itself.

This article is an in depth look inside of TripAdvisor and its corporate culture, its obstacles and successes.  We learn insights on its issue with fraudulent reviews and its mission to offer real and honest reviews that have changed they way we plan our travel.

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