Thursday 30 August 2012

The Future of Search & The Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph

The knowledge graph is what G is calling the future of search. It's a fundamental shift in the thinking of what people are looking for. Search engines have for some time focused on delivering one unique result for every single person. To do that requires knowledge of the person searching and this is part of what we at Axses called the Social Index, and what Google is now calling the Knowledge Graph.This could perhaps best be described as a Knowledge Network, because knowledge is derived from several categories of information that are interrelated.

It ,however, far more complex that that. G has figured out that one answer is actually not enough.  In their example they show a search for Leonardo da Vinci. Now instead of a long list of sites you get a row of images across the top depicting an understanding of this subject. His paintings are, for example, displayed across the top of the page in a single row left to right. 

Beneath  that you will find another row showing what other questions people ask, like who are the Renaissance painters.

This changes the way we must market.  We now have to influence this knowledge graph, or database of understanding, by providing not just a keyword or a name but a set of knowledge in a format, and with enough authority that it will get indexed. 

That knowledge must be available in the right places. Not 5,000 backlinks in some unheard of websites. In social indexing we aim to create deep knowledge and get it into authoritative sources in quality formats like video, magazines, represented by trusted sites, and known and respected media - authors, bloggers and information resources. Marketing is going to be conducted more by knowledge engineering. People will be able to access what they want in a very tailored and easily accessible way, at their finger tips. Traditional marketing is being superseded by the presence of knowledge networks. Some of the traditional methods will be embedded in the delivery of information along with the opportunity to buy.

knowledge graph. 

U-Drive Marketing for Car Rental Holidays

Marketing Car Rentals with U-Drive Adventure Travel Tours

In a recent campaign launched for Courtesy Rent A Car, we coined a new travel category called U-Drive Adventure Travel.

It's a bit of a novel twist on car rentals and we expect it will track well on the internet. The project is being launched as we write and we will give you an update on its success in the next month or so. 

It is using our tried and tested Social Index Engine which creates a sphere of influence that contributes to what Google is calling The Knowledge Graph.

Click Here to view video

Campaign highlights
1. Promotion on with a separate landing  page, blogs, featured in the "Caribbean Pages". Video used in all.

2. Blog featuring U-Drive Adventures and the video. This site is a known authority information resource and highly respected by the search community. It is the Barbados Tourism encyclopedia with over 15,000 pages of information, all of it unique and original.

3. Separate Video for company website. Videos are a vital part of the marketing mix. They add to the sites reputation, and typically increase engagement which is a key factor in the knowledge graph

4. Press Release with Video. We use PRweb, the world’s #1 news release service. PRweb releases go out to all media. We can choose selected journalists, publications and newspapers etc. Our typical release on PRweb is coupled with a separate SIE marketing of the PRweb Page giving us a higher than average readership. our last release was displayed on over 70,000 pages directly. As it was also picked up by several thousand media sites and also distributed by them, the reach was far greater than what is reported. It has a massive impact on what we do because we integrate it into campaigns where all parts reinforce each other.

5. Social Network - created niche market profiles for social networking sites and posted relevant information and items of interest concerning the campaign with blogs, videos and discussions.

6. Bookmarking- we bookmarked the blogs etc. to Bookmark sites like Delicious and Reddit. For example, we made one post regarding a carnival video to StumbleUpon that resulted in around 250 direct responses within 24 hours.

7. Video published to major video sites. While YouTube is our number one site, their are other top rated sites like Dailymotion, that have a large following. We put the video on these site and have often seen them raise to the top of search results.

8. Video Promotions - we choose video sites to highlight. Highlighting is where we build links to the site from the right sources, maybe even do a press release related to our use of that site etc. This then reinforces the authority of the site and adds credibility to the knowledge graph.

9. Backlinks, comments and ongoing analysis and adjustments as required. We don't focus on quantity but on quality. Article marketing is still a powerful force in marketing so long as the content is valuable and engages people. 

10. Adventure-Travel-Destinations has a very high retention rate. People using the site visit several pages. The bounce rate is very low compared to other similar sites. This is an authority site and a good place to get linked from.


Direct Car Rentals

Our last car rental campaign for promoted on Party-Destinations has resulted in higher ranking on search engines, extensive viability across the internet and with off line media. Just under 500 video views and climbing. ranking on top of YouTube for the niche market of Holiday Car Rental Tips.

The video is on top of YouTube results for Holiday Car Rental Tips and related niche terms.
One of the objectives of the campaign is to build name recognition and authority for the site. 

The video on YouTube has just under 500 views. Party Destinations continues to be in top position on Google search results and has 50 to 100 daily visitors.

Part of our research indicated that their URL was not optimal for their target market. It did not have any key word resonance, and it didn't reflect the brand. We registered a new URL - and linked it to their existing URL. This was a simple, but important step because the URL is one the most strategic SEO options you have. As a result of this simple move and with the links and collateral created for the promo: Direct Car Rentals is now seen on the first page of many relative search results.

In addition we have created new visibility and attracted new potential clients reaching out to a new niche market through marketing.


We did a similar campaign for Tiami and had similar results. Our Tiami Campaign has 1000 YouTube views and climbing!


We are an innovative marketing company with a great deal of resources and knowledge on the industry. We use the tools we have created to optimize marketing for our clients. If you want to know what we can do for you - 

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