Wednesday 2 February 2011

Android marketplace - for smartphone travel apps

Google launches Android apps Marketplace -

This is a great online resources  that is easily search-able and available without download from any web browser. A big advanced on the Apple Apps Shop.

Travel Shopping has its own section 

AXSES Travel Shopping App is featured at It is part of marketing which includes both iPhone and Android applications for Direct Travel Shopping - Where travelers can get the best rates for booking directly with hotels. All hotels are eligible to subscribe to the Direct Travel shopping applications at

SmartphoneTraveller marketing also induces a traditional internet marketing campaign via our websites and directory marketing. For details see

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Monday 31 January 2011

Persuasion in the Age of Engagement

There is a debate going on about the future of internet marketing which relies heavily on Search Engine Optimising (SEO) and article blogging. 

SEO has changed again. It changes all the time because marketers figure out how to get the to the top of search engine results and bending, stretching and managing the rules. So when everyone found short cuts to getting links to their sites, a big issue for getting on top of search), Google and other engines changed the rules about back-links and a lot of first pagers fell of the page.

Marketers then discover that writing articles was a great way to get first rate links, and the articles themselves were loved by Google as original content. Google even commented that it had created a whole industry of writers. Trouble was that a lot of the articles were dribble and pretty soon there were so many of them that the web was full of dribble and search results were useless.

So Google has just started to change the rules on articles, now ranking articles based on who wrote them, how original it is, if it is relevant and of value. It is a daunting task to write a program do rate articles, and we suspect that all articles may diminish as a SEO tactic. In fact it seems that too many articles and poor articles can get flagged and hurt your SEO campaign.

Not very long ago we had a simple set of  rules and tactics that worked. We used webpages with  strategic keywords, tags, headings, images  and content. We added articles, blogs, videos,  bookmarkes, and we interacted with other sites to comment on realted issue. We distributed hotel rates and specials via RSS feeds that were and still are picked up by 100's of other sites to republished for their members (RSS aggregation).  It has ALL changed and the frieghtening thing is that we dont know how it will work till we see it. Not even Google knows!

Google is struggeling, as we all are, trying to make search relevant. It must succeed to survive,  because searches are to moving to subscription and social sites to get better results.

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