Monday 30 September 2019

Barbados Heritage Railway - The Turntable

The St. Nicholas Abbey Heritage Railway: a replica of the Old trains and historic railway of Barbados (1881 )- Here is a short video of the Turn-Table. A clever swing platform which turned the engine around so that it could return on the same line.

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The Barbados Historic Railway Story

The video was taken on the St. Nicholas Abbey Historic Railway {SNAHR) Tour. It's the amazing story of the Barbados vintage trains and railways, narrated by the train driver in a fun and energetic style that full of surprising facts and stories.

The vintage train and railway operated in Barbados many years ago. its no brought back to life by the St. Nicholas Abbey Vintage Rail and a real vintage steam engine. SNAHR tour is a step back in time. There is something enchanting about those old steam engines and the story telling and tour brings it all to life.

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Did Packages Holidays Kill the Cook

According to the Financial Times it not true that Packages Holidays Killed Thomas Cook: In fact package holidays are an attractive travel option to many travellers. Read on to see what actually happened.