Thursday 17 May 2018

Digital Media Marketing - Chapter 1 Introduction

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This is video #1 of the chapters in my book Digital Media Marketing. This covers the introduction which about why I wrote the book. In a nutshell digital media has taken over and it is where you need to be.

I plan to publish a video of each chapter. The video swill not replace the book but it will give you a pretty good outline of whats included and why you need to have it working for you. I share 20 years of experience in digital media marketing. I have helped all sorts of businesses and have specialized in travel and hospitality. In the book i share my knowledge, the tools I use, my resource and contacts. I hold nothing back. The contact I share are the best I have found in their field. It will save you a pile of time, avoid a bundle of mistakes and get you cooking with gas, NOW!

Book available on maazo