Monday 22 August 2011

Social Media Marketing for Travel & Tourism

AXSES launches Social Media Marketing for Travel

A complete system of services and technology for hotels and tourism companies.

What is Social For Travel

AXSES has been a leader in Social Media for Travel over the last several years. We were the first company to develop a booking and marketing system, for Facebook. When we went to the market with this product in 2008, it was considered a technology without a market. Our Search Engine Optimisation consultants said they could not help us market the product because there was no demand for it. That proved to be very wrong, and we took pride in helping small hotels, car rental companies and tourism operators in Barbados to be the first in the world to add bookings and marketing to their Facebook pages.see arcRes Facebook links at end of page

Since then, we have upgraded the application a couple of time. It now creates a Reservations Page automatically as it loads and manages brand content right onto the page. It is integrated with our arcRes V5 upgrade that effectively displays and markets all brand products.

More Breakthrough apps for Facebook on the way

We recently launched another addition to arcRes for Facebook that helps tourism suppliers automate posts and build a larger Fan base. This is a great help to hotels and tourism companies who are finding it difficult to manage posts and engage fans. So we will be offering a solution and a service to do it for them.see

AXSES’ leadership in Social Media for Travel was recognized by the New York Times, who interviewed us for their article on Social technology in Travel and featured AXSES in their report.
Social Marketing for Travel Goes Beyond Facebook

But Social Marketing for travel extends far beyond Facebook. Over the last year we have been putting all the pieces in place, integrating our travel technology with proven techniques in Social Media Marketing and Social Networking. The result is a new service in Social Media with a focus on travel described as SocialMarketing4Travel. It incorporates videos, mobile, bookmarks, podcasts, articles, blogs, Twitter and other social sites like LinkedIn. It is geared to the new media landscape which we discuss in our hubs pages on the future of social media for hotels and tourism marketing.

The full service is a combination of the very best marketing gurus’ techniques and strategies, with our own focus on marketing travel and tourism. We have not just studied the gurus; we have subscribed to their training and partnered with them to provide a unique set of travel-focused social media services, technology and products.

Building with the Best from the Best

Our gurus include the best of the best: Jeff Johnson, the man who consistently wins all affiliate contests and has built an empire on Internet Marketing. Mike Koenings, founder of Main Street Marketing & Trafic Geyser and a Video Marketing genius. Jeff Walker of Product Launch Formula. Don Crowther of Social Profit Formula, who has worked with Fortune 500 companies and small business, helping them use the media to their best advantage, and is making it work. There are others, like Howie Schwatrz of Black Hat fame, who are going main stream with cutting edge techniques that might, in some cases, still be too close to the wind for us. He is one of the most knowledgeable gurus on Google’s latest moves, so we follow him and we have tested many of his system and products.

Strategies for Tourism Businesses who want results beyond advice

We are going to share our strategies and our new technology over the next several months. We will introduce our own breakthroughs and new travel marketing products for social media and beyond.

For example, we will be offering a social indexing package (Social Index Engine) with article blogging and video marketing FREE to all clients who purchase 3 arcRes products (i) in 2010. This is a winning formula: you can choose to get an arcRes Mobile Website, an arcRes Facebook Reservation page and arcRes Specials Marketing for just 150$ one-time and 75$ monthly. In addition, we do a complete analysis or your social footprint, your target market and brand position and engineer your social index strategy. Then, we implement it.

We do all the work; we do the articles, the video blogging, create your niche profiles and post them out to 100s of sites. No one else has this combination of the technology and systems together tied together with knowledge and expertise of social media marketing for travel

Proudly Grass Roots

Even before it is officially launched, we have enquiries every day from across the globe. Tourism companies are looking at how to use social media, video blogging and even the largest companies are outsourcing social media management.

We are very proud of our client-driven initiative, that are featured in the New York Times and that have a global reach. Thanks to our loyal customers who have helped us formulate and perfect our services we continue to role out leading marketing and services for tourism.

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