Saturday 1 August 2020

Tourism Revival In Spite of Isolation & Quarantine - Blog

Barbados Tourism Revival in spite of isolation & quarantine. The airport accepts 4 airlines, testing 100s of arrivals. Any who test positive are isolated.

video Summary Barbados Tourism Revival

Video Summary of how Barbados is tackling Tourism Revival in the face of all travel protocols- See

Important facts about Barbados vacations & care in the time of Covid19. It is a quick look at protocol and quarantine requirements for some travelers. It covers detail on what happens if you test posivive and isolation hospital facilities.

Wednesday 29 July 2020

Covid TravelSimplified Video - Essential Facts to Arrive and Stay Safe

Easy to read tips to keep you safe for travel and holiday in Barbados in the time of Covid Travel.

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All protocols and tips on travelling to the island are from the visitors point of view.

Learn how Barbados is monitoring travel how it protects travelers and the public if you or someone on your flight tests positive.