Saturday 24 August 2019

Instagram Tutorial 7 - How to Promote Your Posts Sucessfuly

Markhat Tutorial 7 "How to Promote Your Posts Sucessfuly" includes case studies of what has worked and failed and explains why.
PROMOS are a easy and effective way to advertise- The video showcased how a 40$ budget got 1,400 likes, 324 saves, 898 profile visits and 809 clicks. But not all post work- and you have to do it right - The tutorial gives 12 points of failure and links to apps and resources that will make your promos great!

Monday 19 August 2019

InstaTutorial #6 Tapping Influencers

Learn about influencers and understand which of the 3 main types are best for you.

- how to target influencers - how to find and select the best fit - how to reach out to the ones you want to work with - how to evaluate their account.

Includes examples and links to services and resources that will help you find, evaluate and manageinfluencer campaigns. It includes details of what you need to do to optimize your account for instagram-influencer campaigns.