Thursday 9 July 2015

Is Google on Track to be the worlds largest OTA - Blogger

Google Hotel Finder adds bookings making the worlds dominant search engine lookincreasingly like an OTA.
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We have been tracking Hotel finder for some time, and as this video shows it is a powerful marketing solution for hotels that has been moving toward offering a better platform for hotels. But with this move direct bookings are difinatly on the way out as Google sees it.

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Wednesday 8 July 2015

Is TripAdvisor Strategy on Shaky Ground - SeekingAlha thinks so

SeekingAlpha, LN Investors looks at the rise and pitfalls facing TripAdvisor from an investment and financial point of view. It suggest that while TripAdvisor may be a more attractive stock than its direct competitors, their are problems ahead! Its move into the one stop booking business is being met and well be met with growing competion and already its margins are falling!