Saturday 24 October 2015

St. Lucia sustainable tourism powered by wind and sun

Saint Lucia going green with sustainable tourism wind, sun and renewable energy powering in all sectors of economy and government says it is The Cheapest Paid Marketing for Hotels Daren Huston on Direct Bookings vs OTAS says that is the cheapest way for hotel to reach their markets.

As he puts in “First of all, we always pride ourselves on being the cheapest way to do your marketing. If you ask any owner, or any hotel, why they’re all on, when they can all leave tomorrow, the reason is, it’s the cheapest way to do paid marketing.”

Just as importantly he  talk openly about the need for hotel to balance direct bookings vs distribution via OTAs

Friday 23 October 2015

Millennial Mindset Study Reveals 10 characteristics you may never have know

Millennial Mindset revealed in study conducted by the Center for Generational Kinetics and Choice Hotels

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In this blog we summaries the Skiff article on Googles Growing dominance in travel at the expense of SEO and Organic hotel listing on search engines.

As usual we add our own perspectives and examples.

The forum was alive with discussion from Google Monopoly in Search to the dominance of paid advertising which has pushed organic search results well below the fold.

Some say that SEO is become irrelevant , some say it is already dead and some say that Search Engine Marketing May in face be very risky now!

Thursday 22 October 2015

Tiny Eco Friendly Houses The utltimate Getaway Travel for Millennials

The makers say that our housing stock just does not work very well for the millennial generation. The form is wrong, the function is wrong as is the social aspect, the environment footprint and event the geography. So Getaway fixed it with tine houses in the woods.

Here is a new form of affordable getaway travel. The company getaway makes tiny houses and places them in woods just outside of the city.

Why not make it available everywhere starting with vacation in far away places and why not just build houses like this all over the world. Its has huge potential to deliver smart and environmentally friendly affordable housing to the world!