Wednesday 29 December 2010

Cultural Tourism Adventure Travel Destinations

To me adventure is about discovery, exploration and learning. Discovering an old culture, a belief and away of life or discovering nature and the world is my adventure. As a teenager I roamed the Caribbean with 100 US $ and made it to the island, traveling on trading schooners, the mail boat and occasionally on a luxury sailing yacht, needing an extra hand on deck.Today I rather like my comforts and a little luxury now and again is very welcome.

Luxury is  indeed a growing travel market  and one that is becoming more accessible as airfares have declined and even 5 star hotels offer deep discounts and best rates for booking direct and online with their own booking engines, websites, smartphone applications and social media pages.  Very accessible indeed in the new age of communications and an emphases on openness and fair pricing.

So one can take of for a Safari or a Jungle holiday and explore new tucked away cultures and people of all walks of life and all beliefs.  Grass roots culture is the core of the new desire to reach out and connect. Many cultural tourist travel with a responsible attitude and a deep emotion to understand, connect and to help. These grass root cultural holidays are often not done by the major tour companies and on line travel agents. The best holidays are often made by personal contact and recommendations. Dealing directly with hotels and tourism operators who are recommended can save quite a few dollars and also make the trip much more personal and real.

We created to help hotels, tourism operators and destinations make these personal contacts and market adventure packages of all types, from nature explorations to cultural exchange. Hotel from all over the world can easily and quickly add package (click on the affiliates link in Adventure travel Destinations) and have it displayed on the site along with many others. There are pages to add special deals and best rate guarantees for travelers who book direct. Travelers using these direct links get a fair rate and the direct contacts with the destination host who can make the difference. Adventure travel destinations also offers leading adventure holiday packages from independent agents with knowledge of the culture and the destination.

In promoting our adventure holiday travel site we stumbled upon several adventure travel writers, including Andrew Prinze, who describes himself as a cultural Navigator. His story is in our first article of a series we are planning. You can see this on our slideshare site linked in the title of this blog. Scott Cummingham is another independent adventure writer that we will feature. Scott is a geologist who explores natural phenomena of the earths crust to tucked away cultures in remove coves off of the coast of Nova Scotia. 

Over the next several months we will share insights and discoveries with from around the globe with authors such as these. The articles will lead you to new cultures and adventure destinations with packages and deals that make world adventures to far away places affordable.

Check back here and on for the next update on our adventure travel & cultural tourism series.

Tuesday 28 December 2010

6 Tips in Choosing your Facebook Hotel and Travel Marketing Platform

Facebook is a force in travel marketing. It has moved from being a social setting and a chat room into something much more. Destyination Marketing Organisation and hotels are making it part of their marketing strategy.

Australia now have a fan base of I million, New Zealand has 280,000 fans, Spain clicks in just under that.

As a Tourism Platform Facebook  has to provide an expert  knowledge system to organize data, make it meaningful, relevant and actionable.This is happening, not so much by Facebooks own initiatives but by applications made for facebook by trade marketing companies and hotel chains. Many of the leaders are Online Travel Agents co's like Expedia. This is unfortunate as Facebook is a Brand friendly channel that can and should be used by hotels, tourism operators and destinations to build their own brand integrity, fan loyalty and direct bookings.

We have built our own facebook travel marketing application for  hotel bookings and tourism marketing and management. In putting it together we had 6 main goals which we think are a good yard stick for all other application to emulate. These are
  1. It is direct – ie no commission, no transaction fees and an affordable subscription.
  2. It is a Travel Content Management system that will easily load and manage all units, rates, seasons, images, description and hotel/Tourism brand.
  3. It supports special rates and packages for Facebook fans and special interest groups with in the fan base
  4. It can publish content to mobile marketing channels and provide a full mobi. Travel website with booking engine.
  5. It integrates with tourism website offer booking widgets and content management of Specials and rates on the traditional website.
  6. It is  open and extensive and can it publish content, specials and packages to other channels at reasonable cost
For more on our Facebook travel platform application see  arcResBookings.coma

You may try this leading Facebook hotel Marketing and Management system for free and evaluate how it can help your marketing.

The full story and demo video may be read on our ezine article 

Sunday 26 December 2010

10 Tips on Article Marketing for Holiday Travel Destinations & Tourism

Travel articles area good way to promote your hotel, holiday, travel activity and destination. See this example Article Marketing Romantic Holidays
10  Tip to Article Ranking

1. Do not write advertorials or what are seen as self-service promotions. 
Advertorials are not generally effective, neither are infomercials. Self-serving articles do not impress those who are looking for good independent information.

2. Publish content related to your promotion. It must be a good information article. Your links provide direct contact and create important back-links to your website- This help improve your Page Rank and Search Engine listing

3. Choose Authors who are know and respected
4. Choose channels that are considered authoritative. EzineArticles, Hubpages, Qondio, Bukisa, Tunblr and our own

5. Don't pepper articles with links and don't duplicate links to the same URL
6. Create a Video for the article and post it to YouTube and all video channels.

7. Create printed documents  of the article and submit these to Document services like Slideshare. 

8.Use Web 2.0 properties to Chat about your article, link to it and create a linked network.

9. Bookmark your articles on Digg, MIXX, StumbleUpon, Mister Wong and the top social bookmarking sites

10. Do several press releases on benefits and features. Use WebPR advanced package and add a video. 

If you have not done it before, get a professional to help you. Theer is quite a bit to do and a lot of tools to use. At the end you must ping all the sites and create your links.
We can help you -

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