Sunday, 26 December 2010

10 Tips on Article Marketing for Holiday Travel Destinations & Tourism

Travel articles area good way to promote your hotel, holiday, travel activity and destination. See this example Article Marketing Romantic Holidays
10  Tip to Article Ranking

1. Do not write advertorials or what are seen as self-service promotions. 
Advertorials are not generally effective, neither are infomercials. Self-serving articles do not impress those who are looking for good independent information.

2. Publish content related to your promotion. It must be a good information article. Your links provide direct contact and create important back-links to your website- This help improve your Page Rank and Search Engine listing

3. Choose Authors who are know and respected
4. Choose channels that are considered authoritative. EzineArticles, Hubpages, Qondio, Bukisa, Tunblr and our own

5. Don't pepper articles with links and don't duplicate links to the same URL
6. Create a Video for the article and post it to YouTube and all video channels.

7. Create printed documents  of the article and submit these to Document services like Slideshare. 

8.Use Web 2.0 properties to Chat about your article, link to it and create a linked network.

9. Bookmark your articles on Digg, MIXX, StumbleUpon, Mister Wong and the top social bookmarking sites

10. Do several press releases on benefits and features. Use WebPR advanced package and add a video. 

If you have not done it before, get a professional to help you. Theer is quite a bit to do and a lot of tools to use. At the end you must ping all the sites and create your links.
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