Tuesday 28 December 2010

6 Tips in Choosing your Facebook Hotel and Travel Marketing Platform

Facebook is a force in travel marketing. It has moved from being a social setting and a chat room into something much more. Destyination Marketing Organisation and hotels are making it part of their marketing strategy.

Australia now have a fan base of I million, New Zealand has 280,000 fans, Spain clicks in just under that.

As a Tourism Platform Facebook  has to provide an expert  knowledge system to organize data, make it meaningful, relevant and actionable.This is happening, not so much by Facebooks own initiatives but by applications made for facebook by trade marketing companies and hotel chains. Many of the leaders are Online Travel Agents co's like Expedia. This is unfortunate as Facebook is a Brand friendly channel that can and should be used by hotels, tourism operators and destinations to build their own brand integrity, fan loyalty and direct bookings.

We have built our own facebook travel marketing application for  hotel bookings and tourism marketing and management. In putting it together we had 6 main goals which we think are a good yard stick for all other application to emulate. These are
  1. It is direct – ie no commission, no transaction fees and an affordable subscription.
  2. It is a Travel Content Management system that will easily load and manage all units, rates, seasons, images, description and hotel/Tourism brand.
  3. It supports special rates and packages for Facebook fans and special interest groups with in the fan base
  4. It can publish content to mobile marketing channels and provide a full mobi. Travel website with booking engine.
  5. It integrates with tourism website offer booking widgets and content management of Specials and rates on the traditional website.
  6. It is  open and extensive and can it publish content, specials and packages to other channels at reasonable cost
For more on our Facebook travel platform application see  arcResBookings.coma

You may try this leading Facebook hotel Marketing and Management system for free and evaluate how it can help your marketing. http://arcres.com/facebook-offer-bookings.cfm

The full story and demo video may be read on our ezine article 

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