Tuesday 3 February 2015

St. Nicholas Abbey Announces Heritage Package with Settlers Beach Villas

St. Nicholas Abbey: Proud to be a Part of Barbados Settlers Beach Villa Package for Independent Minded Travelers.


See the video of St. Nicholas Abbey Tour sponsored by Settlers beach Villa Hotel and the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia. Best rate guaranteed on this luxury Caribbean Villa Holiday and Heritage tour package!



Mobiles Ads Dont Work says TripAdvisor, as They Move to Instant Bookings– Forbes

TripAdvisor Mobile Strategy: Forget Ads On Those Tiny Screens, Instead Optimize For Clicks And Commissions - Forbes. Its an interesting and maybe accurate insight!. We concur, even on the desktops travelers and not clicking on banners, ads or and even links as they used to. They want more value, they want help in making a decision and seeing a clear view of the option. Like the new breed of VisualBookingsTechnology.com

The new VBT offers a more personalized view of options- They are behaviors responsive and intellegent systems that present rooms and properties that match users interests.

TA's instant bookings is a step in the right direction!
As CEO Stephen Kaufer says: "40% of TAs traffic is now on mobile and that is growing." TAs mission has been to offer the best trip planning in the past now they are moving to being the best in both planning and bookings. http://markhat.com/tripadvisor-says-forget-ads-on-mobiles-tiny-screens-get-commissions-instead-forbes/