Sunday 1 August 2010

Jobs wants iPhone to dominate Travel

I wrote about Steve Jobs not doing the Good Job a week ago. I am not happy with the moves Steve is making to dominate the market and limit travelers' choices by exempting Flash and other travel apps from the iPhone store. See Jobs not done well

Today, CNet and Unwired revealed Apple's patent application for its travel-apps. The plans reveal more of this new face of Apple - A company more and more interested in going it alone.

I don't think it's wise. The internet is about sharing and being open. Consumers love Apple, but they also like free choice, and if Steve does not give them an iPhone that allows them access to the websites they want to see, it's just not going to cut it. No matter how great the technology, it has to be open to succeed.

Others, like Android and BlackBerry, are working hard to make the smartphone a universal product reaching all corners of the web. iPhone, already losing market shares to Android, will be a past piper, if Jobs and Co. fails to see the light. Apple iPhone revealed.

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