Tuesday 23 December 2014

Barbados Launches Fun GoPro Video of Horse Whispers on Carlisle Beach

Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia launches new GoPro video for Barbados Tourism. The first shows a trainer trying to get his horse to take a bath in the sea, using everything he can think of including horse whispers to achieve his goal come what may.

What happens when Horse-Whispers are not enough to lead a horse to water and make it swim? To see details of how this horse is cajoled into the sea Check links in the Youtube blog on Barbados Horse Whispers

Just go to the YouTube video and look for the links to the Barbados Horse Whispers page. It will reveal the secret and share more info on the race horses of Barbados. The page is part of the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia resources for independent minded travellers. it will feature self catering holiday specials, packages, activities and tours for the discerning traveler.

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