Thursday, 3 May 2012

New SocialIndexEngine Portal Launched

Check out the new site at
And the new video that describes what it is all about.

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What's New

Our first site still exists but in reality it is a page and it is dedicated to the travel and tourism industry. Our new site lays out the platform of SocialIndexEngine in more detail with some really important new additions.

Pillars of Success

We have simplified the general view of the architecture to half a dozen pillars. Of course, all the details still exist but it was a bit overwhelming.

Next is the Proof of Concept

We have added several case studies and will be adding more. Every single campaign has aced it. Our strategy is to build these SIE campaigns with their own websites like and partner with just a few top travel companies in each area.

Exclusive Marketing Opportunities

The marketing will be very exclusive and limited to those we invite . So don't miss an opportunity in your travel niche. See our notes re what we have and where we go (below). We have assembled a few videos that help demonstrate some of the concepts. We will add more as we move forward.

Tutorial and Newsletter

Do join these. The tutorials are being shared openly for the launch. Once we have a core of interest, the tutorial will not be distributed. We will still invite all interested parties to register as we plan to have 25 or more targets.We will invite only a few selected companies to participate in each market.

Register to Reserve your Opportunity

Register now to be included in our invitations. Just go to

The form is on the top right hand of most pages. Just enter your name, email, and the website you might like us to market with you. Sorry, but we must have a website and you can’t register without it. We do need this and we will evaluate it in order to select our candidates.

Looking forward to your success with SocialIndexEngine. 

Current Campaigns

Travel2ExoticPlaces | Adventure-travel-destinations | Romantic-Holiday-Destinations | Bolivia | Dominica | Barbados | St. Lucia


We will be rolling out a site every 2 months. The site we choose will be based on our research and will have a good ROI for partners. Our aim is to bring a new level of selectivity to weary travelers who typically have too many choices and want a source that helps organize data for the.

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