Friday 5 October 2012

World Heritage Tourism Opportunities for Travel

Barbados is in the process of  figuring out how it can take best advantage of its new UNESCO World Heritage Status. The Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia has moved ahead with a significant commitment to promoting Barbados holidays, with the island as a top World Heritage Tourism Destination. 

We have created several webpages and are upgrading many. We have produced several videos and have more planned.

We are writing blogs, articles, magazines and have published several press releases. The last release had an enormous distribution of 160,000 impressions. This attests to the fact that World Heritage Tourism is a Hot travel subject. So let me share some insights.

Observations On World Heritage Tourism

The World Heritage initiative of UNESCO is resonating across all academic, political and cultural groups. The reason why the PR was so viral is precisely because it is a HOT subject, with a lot of media interest. 

It is up to all in Barbados to make the most of the recent UNESCO designation in this regard. It is one of only four Caribbean Islands to be so honoured. Professor Henry Frazer has some simple recommendations that will help all in hospitality to gain by embracing heritage tourism.

As you will see we have a significant campaign to position Barbados Holidays, Travel and Tourism "Top of Mind" for those interested in heritage.

Heritage Tourism Can Change The World

UNESCO’s World Heritage program has as its premise the goal of creating lasting peace. Adding a tourism component opens this foundation to the world: To regions, political parties, hospitality suppliers, travelers and the general public. In tourism we all can play a part in bridging understanding and sharing heritage. Rejoice in what is good and learn from what is not. Peace through understanding and sharing

Heritage Tourism- The Opportunity

"Senator Professor Emeritus Henry Fraser, speaking on the topic ‘Generating Business from the World Heritage Site – Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison’, at one of the sessions of Foromic XV yesterday morning, noted that World Heritage sites have dramatically enhanced the profile of every destination so inscribed, resulting in rapid expansion in terms of tourism. In fact, he said that research has shown that visitors interested in heritage spend more money than the average sun seeking tourists. Professor Fraser noted that world tourism activities generate some US$4 trillion every year and he said that the Caribbean can receive much more of that largess if we take advantage of the World Heritage statuses that have been bestowed on us". Barbados Advocate 10/2/2012
Frazer also suggested that hotel websites and the country’s marketing materials, should show our heritage and that we must not fail to take advantage of the "golden gift of World Heritage status".

What we are doing about Barbados Heritage Tourism

We have gained a top ranking in search results for the terms we targeted, no mean feat, as
authority sites have been entrenched in the top position for years. There are over 60 million pages vying for this top position, but we have positioned our network and as authority sites and build on this with new initiatives:

Heritage Magazine

We offer all the opportunity to be part of an ongoing marketing effort with this publication. We can also produce custom publications for destinations, hotels and businesses  more click here

Heritage Tourism Videos

We will pleased to discuss your video marketing needs with you.


Opportunities exist for hotels and activities to advertise in this collateral

Our World Heritage Social Network (WHT). We are building a powerful WHT network with a dedicated team of professionals who understand what we are doing and will help in spreading the word and creating the buzz.


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