Wednesday 10 April 2013

Google One Channel Benefits Tourism

I like the Channel Trailer feature of the "ONE Channel' that Google has implemented on YouTube. Its just one of many recent changes and upgrade. In my view it is really the only "new" feature. The others are mostly improvements and tweaking, except of course that its now a sort of  'Responsive Web Design' (RWD), meaning that it will render well in all mobile, smartphones. iPods, iPads, tablets, mobile phones, games consoles (like xBox), TV and other devices.

Naturally that implies some consideration from publishers and creators: We all now have to understand the limitation and options of these channels and create our video accordingly. Don't create options to press a button or submit a form for TV. Its not there yet and you can really irritate TV viewer by suggesting they can subscribe by clicking the button.

Example Video Trailer

See TravelBarbados Youtube Channel | This Video

Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia is experimenting with the One Channel features. it has created its first trailer for BarbadosTravel on YouTube. The trailer describes the channel, promotes a sweepstake and encourage viewers to subscribe.

Things To Include in Your Trailer

1. Welcome your viewers and thank them for stopping at your channel.

2. Tell them what your channel does and engage them with images and a story line that builds empathy.

3. Make it short and fast. Hi, here we are, this is what we do, please subscribe. Get the viewer's attention and provide them with a reason to stay around. Imagine this trailer as an ad for your channel. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you're making your channel trailer:

4. Add a call to action to your own opt in page, newsletter etc. We have used it to promote a sweepstake where the winner will receive a Free holiday in Barbados.

One Channel Trailer Examples:  

Tourism Marketing:
  Plains of Africa
  Oberammergau Passion Play
  Vice uncomfortable truths

   DIY Film Making (5 min)

  Jamie Oliver


YouTube Creator tips

Here is what says:

Have a clear call to action to subscribe (scripted and annotated in the video, and in the video description as well). Entertain the viewer - when in doubt show what your channel is about, don't tell

Indicate the type of videos you upload and when you upload them.

Think about the video's context; it will be seen on the channel, potentially after a viewer has already seen at least one of your videos. There's no perfect length, but shorter is better

Our Views On Trailer Etiquette

From what we  know and have seen, we think video trailers should be short (1 1/2 minutes max)

We have heard that YouTube plans to roll out special options for subscribers.

Other  One Channel Features

 As noted, the trailer is one of the new features of the "ONE CHANNEL" strategy by YouTube.

Here are its main features:

1. Consistent layout across all screens. Your brand can be the same across all devices. Mobile, iPads, iPods, smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, xBox, TVs etc.

2. Sections. More flexibility with playlists. Create lists of any type; no need to create sub-channels or pages.

3. Channel Trailer. As above, create a "welcome" video for non-subscribers.

4. Channels Connection. You can now link to your other relevant channels straight from the home page.

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