Wednesday 21 March 2018

Is Google Ranking Change The End of Seo for Hotel Digital Marketing

See for details of what is actually happening.

The video showcases the fall of in indexing but their is more going on as there has been a core update to the programs that decides how sites get ranked in search. Searchengineland has a short blog highlight this change.

In light of these dramatic changes my book Hotel and Tourism Digital Media Marketing is very timely. It is for written for 

Small business owners, managers, marketers and hotel and tourism professional who want to understand how digital media can help and how to do it. The book outlines how Google Artificial Intelligent Rank Brain system now controls search engine ranking.  The book is an important guide for professionals who want to understand how to use the new media to get featured, get ranked, get found and get booked.

The book is written in an easy style suitable for readers who have 
novice to intermediary knowledge of the Internet.

The Book is launched with a special offer at just 1$ for the first few day of launch and i plan to price it so that it has wide appeal and can be read by everyone. The paperback version will  be published soon.

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